Through our internet partner Semide Technologies LLC, we can offer the following member only offers:

Domain Name Registrations: $19.95 per year

Web Hosting: $19.95 per month.

Includes all Standard Features listed below

Plus The Following Features :

1. 150MB Storage Space
2. 5GB Transfer / Traffic
3. Unlimited Email
5. PHP 7

Standard Features:

Multiple Access Connections - Our current "aggregate bandwidth" capability between our 4 Data Centers is over 300 T-3's. We enjoy on average at least a OC-155 at each of our Data Centers. Your website will have over 150 private peering points with the nations leading providers, i.e. AOL, MSN, Earthlink, etc.

Detailed Web Usage Page - Each night at approximately Midnight EST, our systems calculate your web traffic and post it to a secured web page for your review. Available information includes number of hits, what page is hit the most, where your traffic is coming from, etc.

SSL Secure Server - All accounts have the benefit of being on a secure server. You can conduct secure business transactions over the web using our Secure Certificates. You may also use your own Secure Certificate.

Email Forms - Have visitors to your website submit info requests, orders, suggestions, etc. via a web page and receive it via your email address.

Guestbook - Have visitors to your website fill our your guestbook right online!

E-Mail Forwarding - This feature allows you to set up as many email addresses as you wish and have them forwarded to another email address on the internet. example: can be sent to can be sent to

Unlimited Updates Via FTP- You have access to your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week via FTP to make any changes you may wish.

Access to Raw Log Files - Your have full access to your raw log files to analyze your web traffic with other software programs like Webtrendsª.

24á7 Emergency Systems Support - Our National Data Centers are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week by trained personnel to maintain our network and server facilities. You can sleep easy knowing we are there to maintain your websites connection to the internet.

ImageMap- Imagemaps allow the user to click on predefined sections of a graphic picture on your page and have the server respond as if they clicked on a text hyperlink.

WWWBoard (Online Bulletin Board)- This feature allows you to setup a newsgroup style of interactive messaging to discuss topics of your choosing.

E-mail Autoresponders - Autoresponders send automatic reply messages when others send email messages to particular email addresses. This is typically used when someone wants info from your website.

Local CGIBIN - This feature allows you to run your own PERL scripts and executables.

Secured Environment - Your website will be stored in a Military Grade Style facility. You can rest assure that every security precaution has been made to protect the integrity of the Data Center, The Network and Your Individual Website.

Simple Search - This feature allows you to setup a search feature on your website to allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

There is a $35.00 set up fee, and we bill accounts quarterly. We accept all major credit cards for payment.



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